What you get with a Pallas Marketing fundraising show

We provide all the assistance you need including mentoring and coaching...

Our initial meeting with your committee is free of charge and without obligation and we will amaze you at what can be achieved with proper professionalism. This meeting takes just one hour and we explain everything about the project in great detail.

We will also be happy to give you contact details for schools or clubs who are working with us at the moment so that you can get direct feedback from them.

What you get includes the following

Questions set for each show which include, video/DVD questions and local questions.

Billboards, customised promotional videoposters, tickets, raffle tickets, invitation cards, press releases, radio interview scripts etc. are all provided.

Highly professional MC, Quizmaster, stage and sound crew etc.


Fundraising committees are volunteers and many have never had to do this type of work before.

We work with the committee for eight to ten weeks and we coach the members every step of the way. Once you attend the coaching, you will never beg for funds for your club, school or organisation again !

You just need eight volunteers to work with us .....

The rest is straightforward. Once the volunteers follow the structure, the workload is reasonable and not excessively time consuming.