The Chaser Fundraiser Game Show for Schools and Clubs Ireland

Features of a The Chaser Fundraising Show

Thrilling Gameshow

High drama customised quiz show with contestants facing off against your local Chaser to win up to 1,500 each !!


Money builder section with quizmaster followed by a face off with the Chaser at the game board.


The Chaser is a fully computerised show with all the action being projected onto 8ft x 6ft visual screens.


Highly professional MC, experienced Quizmaster, touchscreen contestant interaction, stage and sound crew etc.


Billboards, customised promo video, posters, tickets, raffle tickets, invitation cards, press releases, radio interview scripts etc. are all provided.


Questions set for each show which include, video/DVD questions and local questions. 3 local Chasers protect the committee's money on the night!!

On The Night !

  • 6 Contestants chosen at random on the night

  • 7 Questions in Cash Builder Round valued up to 1,000 in cash

  • Contestant offered up to 1,500 to take a step nearer to the Chaser

  • 1 Ask The Audience in Cash Builder Round

Sample Video Provided To Clients