Thousandaire Fundraising Game Show for Schools and Clubs Ireland

Features of a Thousandaire Fundraising Show

Thrilling Gameshow

An exciting, fun-filled night that your audience will be talking about for a long time with potential for contestants to win up to 1,000 each !!


Centre podium with questions projected onto surrounding 8ft x 6ft screens along with visual display of phone a friend booth for that authentic gameshow feel.


Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire is a fully computerised show, professionally displayed and operated by our experienced team.


Highly professional MC, experienced Quizmaster, stage and sound crew etc. Great audience and contestant interaction with "Ask The Audience" & "Phone A Friend"


Billboards, customised promotional video, posters, tickets, raffle tickets, invitation cards, press releases, radio interview scripts etc. are all provided.


Questions are set specifically for each show and these include a mixture of video/DVD questions, picture questions, local questions and current news questions, compiled days before the event.

On The Night !

  • 12 Questions

  • Each contestant can win up to 1,000 in cash

  • 3 Lifelines

    • 50/50
    • Ask The Audience
    • Phone A Friend

Sample Video Provided To Clients