20K Drop Fundraising Gameshow Event for Schools & Clubs Ireland

Features of a The 20K Drop Fundraising Show

Thrilling Gameshow

Dramatic start with your Treasurer handcuffed to a briefcase containing 20,000 in cash !!


Centre podium with 4 trap doors, surrounded by large screens projecting questions and live footage of the drops.


20K Drop is a fully computerised show, professionally displayed and operated by our experienced team.


Highly professional MC, experienced Quizmaster, stage and sound crew etc. Contestants must place their cash on the correct answer but can split it if required.


Billboards, customised promotional video, posters, tickets, raffle tickets, invitation cards, press releases, radio interview scripts etc. are all provided.


Questions are set specifically for each show and these include a mixture of video/DVD questions, picture questions, local questions and current news questions, compiled days before the event.

On The Night !

  • 8 Questions

  • 8 Contestants chosen at random on the night

  • Each contestant can win up to 2,500 in cash, making a total prize fund of 20,000 !

  • 2 Lifelines

    • Ask the audience
    • Take one (takes away one wrong answer)

Sample Video Provided To Clients