Pallas Marketing has been coaching organisations to fundraise professionally for the past nineteen years.  We have worked with over 800 different committees and not one has ever failed to be successful. We provide 1st class coaching to your committee and work with you for ten weeks leading up to the show. Having filled 800 venues over 19 years, we have proven that our shows offer an amazing night’s entertainment that everyone in your community  will be talking about for a long time !

Total profits raised has exceeded €19 million and average profit per event in 2019 is over €34,000.

General Information on Pallas Marketing

Based in Nenagh, Co Tipperary

Coaching Clubs, Schools and Charities to fundraise professionally since 2001

The only company in Ireland specialising in fundraising, coaching and training on a fulltime basis. Profits for clubs and schools has exceeded €19m (£17m)

Average profit in 2019 is €34,000 per committee

Pallas Marketing Fundraising Shows


Who wants to be a Thousandaire?

The 20K Drop

Fundraising Ideas for Schools, Clubs, Societies Ireland - The Chaser

The Chaser

Fundraising Ideas for Schools, Clubs, Societies Ireland - The Chaser

Quite simply, we bring professionalism to fundraising. Why not do one fundraiser every few years, do it really well and you won't have to be continuously trying to run events.