b"Benets for your school How our 50/50 Club Draw works:One draw is held monthly and there is always a winnerOnce sold, there is no more work for the school, no counting 50% of the income goes to the schoolcoins, no going through lotto numbers for winners, 50% of the income goes to the winner of the drawno selling every weekPallas Marketing provides all promotional material to be used for Example 1:You don't need to wade through bank statements to see setting up and selling your 50/50 in your community 100 people join your 50/50 drawwho has paid and who hasn't Entry is by standing order only (to ensure consistencyTotal income=2,000You don't need to design or purchase promotional materials of income) Admin costs (12.5% plus Vat)=308Pricing of 20 per month Income=1,692 As everyone is paying by standing order, the numbers arePaid to winner=846consistent and will keep growing as you sell new ones No set up fee for the school so income is guaranteed from month 1 Paid to school=846This will yield a regular and growing income every month Pallas Marketing provides a monthly spreadsheet to your school Annual income to school=10,152to your school numerically listing all who have paid. You receive this one week before the draw so there is no work for the school in preparation There is an income from Day One as there is no set up fee! for the drawExample 2:Draw held locally using a random number generator 200 people join your 50/50 draw 4,000PALLAS MARKETiNG SPECiALiSES iN FUNDRAiSiNG FORTotal income= CLUBS AND SCHOOLS AND HASPallas Marketing sends the proceeds less operating fee byAdmin costs (12.5% plus Vat)= 616 FOR iTS CLiENTS SiNCE 2002. EFT to the schoolIncome=3,384RAiSED OVER 20M THE CHASER,Paid to winner=1,692THE COMPANY ALSO PROViDES? AND 20K DROP The school pays the winner using photographs on social media WHO WANTS TO BE A THOUSANDAiRE etc to promote the draw Paid to school=1,692Annual income to school= 20,304Example 3:400 people join your 50/50 drawWhat your school supporter receives: Total income= 8,000980Admin costs (10% plus Vat)= Pallas Marketing Ltd 3 entries in every months 50/50 drawJust 20 Income= 7,020Newtown, Nenagh per month Paid to winner=3,510Paid to school=3,510Co TipperaryTel 00353(0)86-1716753 / 00353(0)87-9782550 Annual income to school=42,120Email: info@pallasmarketing.ie pallasmarketing.ie pallasmarketing.ie6 entries in the 50/50 drawComplimentary club membershipComplimentary entry to yourcounty GAA draw Just 30per month*Members of your GAA County Draw receive 2 bonus entries in the 50/50 draw (5 entries in total)Complimentary club membership"